Church Suite

Church Suite[Churchsuite Login]

We are now using Churchsuite; It’s an amazing new database which can help everyone to stay connected and be more informed about what is happening at church. It helps with the registers and forms for children’s and youth ministry, to send emails and to organise groups and rotas. It’s brilliant because each person can easily update their own information and sign up for events that are coming up! If you haven’t received a log-in and you would like one, you can contact the church office.

If you have a login go to Otherwise we may not have your current email address so please contact the office and we will send out a fresh invitation.


What information is shared?
We only store basic information such as your name and contact details, this is shared with ministry leaders to help organise church events. You can also opt to make details visible by other church members so they can contact you, such as your email but this is your choice. No information is shared outwith the church except for legal reasons.

Is my data safe?
This is one of the main reasons we have switched over to ChurchSuite. We still store the same (or less) information as we did in the past. Being a cloud based system allows us to keep a better track of who in the church has access to your data and remove the need for paper copies to be left around. Letting a trusted company maintain this system means there are experts to keep on top of the security much better than we could in house (see for more info). ChurchSuite is run on UK based servers and is fully GDPR compliant.

What if I am not “online”?
The additional facilities available is just a bonus to make your life easier. You can still update your contact details by contacting the office and they will still be able to add you to a rota or event if you can’t do it online.

What if I’m not very good with computers?”
We are not forcing anyone to use this. If you are just comfortable checking your details and receiving emails when you are on door duty, fine. Use it for what you are comfortable with and contact the office for the more complicated things like adding availability for a rota. We are also planning on having some sessions after church to give people an idea of how to do the basics and ask questions.

Where can I find more information?
If you want to dig into some more advanced information, the first place to go exploring is the User guide, if you find something useful be sure to share it with others.